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Norwegian Sea Captain Nils Larsen is most known for his work in Norway's Antarctic missions. Following his master's degree from a shipping firm in Norway, Larsen went on to become one of Norway's most famous whalers. Additionally, Nils Larsen served as the ship's first mate on several Norvegia voyages to Antarctica. As a result of this research voyage, Norway was able to gain control of Bouvet Island and Peter I Island. When Larsen initially arrived on the island, he was the only one there.

What Does an Investment Portfolio Manager Do?

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Choosing Wealth Management Services

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Real Time Stock Quotes – Nils Larsen

According to Nils Larsen, in order to determine if the real-time stock quotes are worth the price, you can choose from different sources of stock data. You can use online brokerage platforms like CBOE, TradingView, or Nasdaq. These sources also provide real-time news and market data. Finance professionals value the price-performance ratio, which is important […]

Yahoo Finance – Investing in Stocks and Bonds

Nils Larsen says, If you’re in the market to invest in the stock or bonds, Yahoo Finance may be the appropriate instrument. This financial news and statistics service contains all you need to make your financial decisions. With free stock quotations and online tools for personal money management, Yahoo! Finance is a fantastic site to […]

Nils Larsen Shares Little Known Facts About Antarctica

Nils Larsen Shares Little Known Facts About Antarctica Antarctica is a mostly uninhabited winter wonderland. The southernmost continent is claimed by no country. However, at any given time, multiple countries have scientists and other staff on the continent. These days, thousands of tourists visit as well, but Antarctica remains a desolate, mysterious land. Curious about […]

Nils Larsen Celebrated for Contribution to Antarctic Exploration

Norwegian sea captain Nils Larsen remembered for his place in history as a legendary explorer Best known for the Norvegia expeditions of Antarctica, Norwegian sea captain Nils Larsen remains among the most celebrated Antarctic explorers in history. First establishing himself as a whaler, Larsen soon turned his attention to more exploratory endeavors wherein the Sandar-born sea captain […]

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Nils Larsen of Norvegia Expeditions First to Set Foot on Island Discovered by Famous Explorer

Nordic sea captain, Nils Larsen of the legendary Norvegia Expeditions, celebrated as the first person ever to set foot on an Antarctic island initially sighted by a famous Russian. A celebrated sea captain hailing from the Kingdom of Norway in Northern Europe, Nils Larsen of the Norvegia Expeditions and his crew traveled more than 17,000 kilometers to […]